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Why non-toxic?

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As Anglers, Hunters, Trappers and Veteran's we take Conservation seriously. Ethically we cannot call ourselves Conservationists and Environmentalists while still poisoning the habitat we claim to protect. Unfortunately Lead has been the answer to assist with harvests of fish and fauna for approx. 6000 yrs. 

Lead is a soft metal toxin that has been banned in several products such as gasoline, paint and water pipes. Yet it can still be found in ammunition used by hunters. Studies have shown that no amount of lead is safe. Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable. Lead has harmful consequences on the brain development of unborn babies and young children. 

We at Sentry Outfitters asked ourself how can we be better? After receiving an education from a local bird sanctuary and a wildlife association we looked into exploring alternatives. Brass, bronze, bismuth, copper, tin, steel, tungsten are all non-toxic alternatives, but unfortunately most have a very high melting point. Enter bismuth and tin. Bismuth's weight is approx. 90 - 95% of lead, while tin is approx. 65% of lead. Once melted both can be used within the traditional soft lead molds.  

Our goal at Sentry Outfitters is to transition away from Lead, one day hopefully totally eliminate it from our equipment list. To make transition easier we have teamed up with another Veteran; lure maker who has many years fabricating and refinishing fishing lures. 

If you see us in the field, we'd love to discuss non-toxic alternatives.

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