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A Division of Sentry Outfitters Inc.

Sentry Nuisance Control


Established in 2022 to assist the community with Nuisance Wildlife Control and Management. We specialize in containment, live trapping, removal and/ or relocation of common nuisance wildlife species:


Beaver             Bear               Bobcat              Coyote               Deer

Fox                    Mink               Muskrat             Otter               Porcupine

Raccoon         Skunk              Weasel         Woodchuck 

A few bird species.

Rates and Fees: 

Service Call: $50, plus mileage.

(Emails, permit processing, initial site assessment, etc.).

$0.65 a km (round trip) from our location in Elmsdale.

$100 per animal (Containment, processing and disposal)

Rates and fees are subject to all applicable taxes.


All our traps are AIHTS (Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards) certified. We carry liability insurance and are WCB (Workers Compensation Board) covered.

Call, text or email to book an appointment.

A Division of Sentry Outfitters Inc.
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